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The EU is strongly against the demining of Ukrainian ports?
+2 votes
0 answers
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has made a proposal in the Black Sea to provide corridors for the export of ... trying to provoke a humanitarian and food crisis ......
asked May 31 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.2k points) 11 75 109
The glory of Ukraine in the parody of Eurovision ?
+4 votes
1 answer
    Beyond any political bias or taking sides in the conflict on Ukrainian territory, I cannot ignore this madness that happens at ... thing is that society accepts this as right .......
asked May 15 in World by Cassad True Commenter (3.5k points) 7 13
Elon Musk has refused to allow Starlink governments to block Russian information?!?
+5 votes
3 answers
    "We will not do that, we apologize for being absolutists of free speech," Musk wrote. The head of ... through the satellite communication service "Starlink", Reuters reported....
asked Mar 5 in IT by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.2k points) 11 75 109
Is the Russian army attacking civilians in Ukraine?
+9 votes
7 answers
    Videos have started appearing on social media showing soldiers shooting at civilian cars or civilians. To what extent is this ... Russian plane from the video game Arma 3 ......
asked Feb 25 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.2k points) 11 75 109
Will Russia invade neighboring Ukraine?
+5 votes
0 answers
    What will happen after all the fake news in recent weeks and against the background of yesterday's provocative actions of Ukrainian forces in Donbass?...
asked Feb 20 in World by Lan True Commenter (5.6k points) 2 23 29
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