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Another mystery of the world?
+1 vote
1 answer
    I wonder what the effectiveness or lack of it is due to in such a case?...
asked Jul 16, 2022 in World by bravebroom True Commenter (4.7k points) 22 26
Do you remember the first man in space?
+2 votes
0 answers
    Today, April 12, 1961, with the spacecraft "Vostok 1", he made a full orbit around the Earth with the first man in space - Gagarin...
asked Apr 12, 2022 in Space by SpaceRanger
Western sanctions will not affect the ISS?!?
+3 votes
0 answers
    The US space agency NASA, the European Space Agency ESA and the Canadian Space Agency have signaled that sanctions against Russia's ... (ISS). And if it is not a double standard?...
asked Apr 3, 2022 in Space by Cassad True Commenter (4.0k points) 11 20
Can Russia jump off its modules from the ISS?
+5 votes
1 answer
    As tensions between NATO and Russian forces grow, some are beginning to fear that geopolitical conflict could pose an ... minds about what threat Putin is, even in space....
asked Feb 23, 2022 in Space by Tremor Category Chooser (1.6k points) 9 10
+4 votes
1 answer
    In the lines below you will find a collection of the greatest scientific and technological achievements that have taken ... robots The fastest electric plane Proteins from the air...
asked Dec 29, 2021 in IT by bravebroom True Commenter (4.7k points) 22 26
Is it possible to develop the market for deriving "nanosatellites"?
+3 votes
2 answers
    A company called SpinLaunch believes it can offer the most environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to reach ... applications would revolutionize some areas of space science....
asked Nov 11, 2021 in IT by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.4k points) 16 91 114
You would go to live on Mars?
0 votes
0 answers
    How do you feel about life on the red planet? If you go it will be literally forever. Mars is so far away that a ... you go to Mars forever if you were given such an opportunity?...
asked Nov 6, 2021 in Space by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.4k points) 16 91 114
+2 votes
1 answer
    Space technology is evolving extremely fast. You can now travel in space as an ordinary tourist. Would you make such a trip?...
asked Oct 4, 2021 in Space by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.4k points) 16 91 114
+4 votes
1 answer
    The US Department of Defense has published a report presenting and analyzing UFO sightings. However, its results did not ... or just a cunning move for the media and society?...
asked Sep 26, 2021 in Space by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.4k points) 16 91 114
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