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A company called SpinLaunch believes it can offer the most environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to reach space. Instead of a rocket, the satellites will be sent more than 100 km from the earth's surface using a giant rotating slingshot. SpinLaunch has been developing the kinetic system for launching into space for 6 years. It does not rely on explosives or fuel.

The system works with an electrically powered centrifuge that rotates objects in a vacuum chamber at speeds up to 8,000 km / h. They are then fired into a 90-meter tube.

On October 22, SpinLaunch conducted a successful test at Spaceport America in New Mexico. The company will soon build a larger accelerator.

Although the system does not have the ability to launch humans, orbiting telescopes or interplanetary missions into space, its applications would revolutionize some areas of space science.

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These guys are great. I guess they have enough successful launches. They can give a serious boost to the development of space exploration. There is a lot of detailed information on their webpage : spinlaunch.com

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NASA has signed a contract for the launch of cargo into space with the California company SpinLaunch. However, this will happen without the use of missiles, but through a system based on kinetic energy.

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