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As tensions between NATO and Russian forces grow, some are beginning to fear that geopolitical conflict could pose an existential threat to the International Space Station.

The British tabloid The Daily Express even speculated that if things really got worse, Putin could instruct astronauts to separate Russian modules from the ISS - an act of sabotage that could doom the station to fall back to Earth. The station cannot perform the key to its survival in orbit without the propulsion system of Russian modules.

Notice, friends, that this is another media nonsense injecting ordinary people's minds about what threat Putin is, even in space.

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They are don't have reason to do that.

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The US space agency NASA has said it continues to cooperate with Roscosmos in the operation of the International Space Station (ISS), despite Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine and US sanctions in response, the DPA reported.

"We have been working together. We have been working together for more than 20 years and we will continue to do so," Joel Montalbano, NASA's ISS program manager, told a news conference. "We are aware of what is happening, but we are able to continue to do our job. Nothing has changed in the last three weeks."

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