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Are you ready for Predator 5: PREY?

The space hunter against the Native Americans ... Undoubtedly, the film will be full of effects, battle scenes and sacrifices in the style of the Predator Franchise.

I wonder how credible and possible it is for a high-tech and intelligent creature to be defeated by superstitious people. Or is it just a return to the original film with Schwarzenegger, where the main character Dutch defeated the alien hunter by primitive means?

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Looks like :)

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cant wait...

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There is definitely some wink at the original film.

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First reactions of the people is a very positive.
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Brutal, watched it 7 times so far. It just blew my mind. Indeed, there are few tolerances to the previous chaastis and even at times it is blatantly copied from them. But the movie is a good addition to the series.

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