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In recent years, with the rise of social networks, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine from flash information. In the past week of the conflict in Ukraine, we have seen countless videos showing from strange to insane things.

At the level of technology at the moment we should have high quality video material, but unfortunately all the videos look like shot with a 0.3 megapixel camera, disgusting sound. Frightened people speaking spoiled Russian at one point switch to Oxford English.

In one of the show videos, an armored vehicle ran over a moving civilian car. The Russian army was immediately accused ... A day later it turned out that this happened quite by accident and the machine was probably Ukrainian.

Video with HD quality showed an attack of a fighter against ground air defense and its explosion. Only hours later it becomes clear this is the game Arma 3 ...

Both sides are not ashamed to spew propaganda in huge quantities. It is very difficult, indeed very difficult, to distinguish between true and false information. Therefore, before sharing something, make sure that it is as much as possible. It is clear that everyone is looking for popularity by sharing viral things. But the only thing that happens is a sea of ​​slop.

Interesting fact that people who share false information are often arrogant and their posts are filled with insults and attacks.

Check the information from as many sources as possible. The official media also often share fake news so you can't count on it.

Factcheck sites are also quite often dependent on the political attitudes of their owners.

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One of the most striking examples is the video of the border guards on Snake Island allegedly killed by Russia. Declared dead by their president and found alive only a day later .....

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