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Throughout the season, one did not even talk about Aiel War. It is strange why the team of the show excludes to show key moments from the historical line, which have a huge impact on each of the characters.

Will they make any effort to include this in the show in one way or another?

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Hardly. It will turn out that some white cloak was cold, he cut the wood for firewood...

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These days, the supposedly original scripts have appeared, and just like during the whole filming process, they played on who is the bigger boss.

So, those who have read the books and still want to watch the series should not expect certain scenes or a character to be shown ...

Script: Leavetaking

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S1 did include the Aiel War (briefly) by the scenes of Tigraine and Tam. They may not have given exposition on it, but it was there.

BUT, no, I highly doubt we'll get that. It would take away time from showcasing inconsequential side characters like Stepin and Amalisa. It will probably be watered down to "Aiel fight. Fight strong. Always fight."
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Yes, a rather strange decision to ignore the main characters at the expense of others unrelated to the development of the story itself.

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