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The Wheel of Time

Political correctness, a change in the main story and the characters is somewhat understandable and although difficult to accept.

But this pile of s h i t s that Rafe Judkins and the screenwriters shook on the heads of viewers has nothing to compare with, even among the failures in the TV industry. Apparently, his sick ambitions for greatness have been transferred to the screen.

One thing is clear - he will go down in history as the man who created one of the most crippled TV shows. I will not comment on scenes or characters because it is completely meaningless. Anyone with at least a little brain watching these episodes wants to rip out their eyeballs.

The Wheel of Time - R.I.P

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Too many idiots like this thing and there will be a second season ...


Rating for last episode 1/10. Score for the season 3/10. Isn't there any control before an episode airs?


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The show is garbage from start to finish. I have never read the books.

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Disgusting episode. No consistency in scenes and dialogues. And about the abnormal developments in storyline, I was simply speechless.

- Padan Fain
stabs Loial with the dagger from Shadar Logot and he survives...

Egwene returns Nynaeve from death...

Even these two misunderstandings are enough to ruin the whole show ...WTF Rafe... WTF

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