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The wheel turns and with it the weeks,тhe new episode 7 also revolved.
 After the shock start, it was logical to put us back in an environment in which the main characters are no more expressive than the NPC in a computer game.
In the end, in 59 minutes there are a total of about 3-5 minutes really connected with the Wheel of Time.
And of course the grand finale: Rand al'Thor The Dragon Reborn

What are your impressions of the episode?


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The battle scene in the beginning is the best created so far in this series. Unfortunately, as always, there must be some strange decisions in the scenes after that:

- strange and slightly unrelated lines in the dialogues

- the Black Wind turned out to be a pile of leaves

- the welcome of the group and the greetings to Lan in Fal Dara were somehow very lean without any emotion and energy

- Perrin in love with Egwene - a strange decision to inflate the moment

- a lot of closeups of Egwene`s nose

Small but important for the narrative details strange why ignored by the show team. However, against the background of the other 6 episodes, this one is like a tiny pearl.

No capesSo simple...but who knows...

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Well, it remained to be one of the others. From the beginning, despite the crowd, they had let Rand stand out from the crowd. Which is the dumbest possible solution to create a mystery.

And probably most people were surprised that he was a Dragon Reborn.

It was not clear why Moiraine ran alone with Rand to the Eye ...


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The show's crew should be ashamed. It's awful that the original character was chosen to be the Dragon Reborn. Someone from Latin America would be perfect.

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