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Why Sanderson defends Тhe Wheel of Time series?

 Amazon and Rafe bring heavy artillery to defend the series. Brandon Sanderson posted on Twitter inviting fans to like the show as it is.

Finally, he mentions that you can always read the books again...

His words are more than strange after his choice to be a co-author of Jordan, but in reality, except for the names of the characters in the show, almost everything has nothing to do with books.

There can be no more convincing proof for the fans of the show that no one cares about them and only the profit is important.

 Sanderson tweet

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And he realizes the show sucks :)

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The Wheel Of Time

There are rumors that Sanderson is a producer on the show. For this reason, he can't directly say it's not worth it if he doesn't like it. On the other hand, money is money ... Copyright, fees from various forums and interviews or tweets...

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