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Why R. Judkins and the screenwriters continue to make fun of the Wheel of Time (SPOILER)?

The first shot of Rand and Loial's meeting and as expected there is no surprise.
Another character who bears no resemblance to the books.

With a serious budget, it's hardly that hard to find an actor who doesn't need 10 inch tall shoes to be taller than Rand. Despicable makeup and costume ...

It is very difficult and after a great effort for the viewers to perceive this effigy as one of the main fairy tale characters. Unfortunately, he looks too much like a singer from Eastern Europe.

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The children bathed Egwene ... WTF

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The Muppets are back on screen ...

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LoialNo comments so sad moment...

The make-up and the look are awful, but the actor did a brilliant job. Only he saves this episode.
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 Weeping Lan comes a little more on the show.

Is it really Rafe?!?

The last man, the King of Malkier, squeals like a girl and watches Moiraine all the time as

it's as if he's going to the toilet. no


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The whole episode 5 is awful. Strange religions, strange behavior of almost every character. Only Loial's on-screen presence can be called a small plus despite the terrible make-up and vision...

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