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What are the 12 scenes we can't wait to see in the Wheel of Time series?

 Dumai`s Wells

They are not arranged chronologically:

1. The revelations about the past of the Ailes
(Chapters 25 and 26 of The Power of the Shadow)
2. Rand's battle against Baal-zamon in the sky over Falme and our first meeting with the Heroes of the Horn
(Chapter 47 of The Great Hunt)
3. Moiraine's account of Manederen's last days
(Chapter 9 of The Eye of the World)
4. Birgitte demonstrates her skills with a bow
(Chapter 36 of "Heavenly Fire")
5. Matt gives a pile of money to a begging mother with children, then saves Aludra
(Chapter 40 of The Reborn Dragon)
6. Birgitte gets drunk, which leads to fun effects in Elaine
(Chapter 21 of the Crown of Swords)
7. Rand uses Calandor against the Seanchan army
(Chapter 24 of The Way of the Dagger)
8. The ceremony in which Elaine and Avienda become first sisters
(the prologue of "The Heart of Winter")
9. Mashiara
(Chapter 31 of the Crown of Swords)
10. The alternate lives that Rand sees through the Portal Stone
(Chapter 37 of The Great Hunt)
11. Birgitte and Avienda defend Elaine from the Seanchans as she tries to unravel her Prague
(Chapter 6 of The Way of the Dagger)
12. The Battle of Dumai`s Wells
(Chapter 55 of The Lord of Chaos)

Matt's fight against Couladin it will be a great scene.

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