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What does Lan Mandragoran look like according to Robert Jordan and according to Reif Judkins?

I don't intend to troll the show any more than he did himself. I'm just wondering what are the similarities and differences between Lan in the book and Lan in the series.

According to R.D. Malkier's last king is a large man 196 cm tall, muscular, with slightly gray hair and icy blue eyes. Next to the little one, Aes Sedai looks huge.

But what is Rafe Jutkins' vision:

Lan is a petty nimble warrior with a mixed vision of a Korean-Japanese sensei. As tall as Moiraine even at times she towers over him.

This is not about Daniel Henney, but about the screen presence of the character, which is to put it mildly quite lean.

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Unfortunately, the character differs a lot from the description. A huge man with a stony face and a menacing threat combined with his icy gaze. And we get a small, slightly good-natured swordsman.

Henney somehow fails to recreate this image. He focused mainly on the tragic hopelessness of Lan's character.

Mads Mikkelsen would be a great choice for this role.

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 Joe Manganiello - Height: 6'5", Chris Hemsworth - Height: 6'3", Lee Pace - Height: 6`5"

Each of them is not only taller but also more expressive in such roles. I'm sorry, but Daniel Hanney can't recreate Lan's character







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Little girl: Lan, were the trollocs big? Bigger than you?

Lan: Everyone is bigger than me ...


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Original size :)


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