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Fires, destruction, fighting: Three nights of unrest in the Netherlands. What is happening?

There has been unrest for the third night in a row in cities in the Netherlands due to restrictions imposed by the authorities in connection with the coronavirus.

Riots were reported in various places, including Groningen, Leeuwarden, Enschede and Tilburg.

The rioters lit fires, destroyed bus stops and detonated bombs.

Dozens of young people gathered in Enschede and Groningen, leading to clashes with police. There are reports of several arrests.

In Enschede, police used batons to disperse protesters, social media footage showed.

In Groningen, police evacuated the city center due to the riots.

In Leeuwarden, police vans were pelted with stones.

The ongoing third night of violence began in Rotterdam on Friday night after a protest against coronavirus measures spiraled out of control, escalating into street clashes and prompting police to open fire. The protests erupted in opposition to the government's plans to limit the use of COVID passes to people who have been vaccinated or have contracted the virus, excluding those who test negative.

Despite high levels of vaccination in Europe, authorities are trying to impose restrictions almost everywhere. Will this lead to a new world order?

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