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Who determines the news and information whether they are fake or not?

In recent years, and especially in the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus, I am impressed that more and more people without qualifications are giving opinions on various topics. Journalists, wikipedia editors and moderators in forums and even bloggers determine what is fake news or misinformation.

This is a phenomenon. I wonder why such actions find such a great response on social networks. Has society completely lost its ability to think?

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by True Commenter (3.5k points) 6 13

In today's digital age, it is very difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood. And because of this, people who have gained cheap popularity easily take advantage of this. In recent years, despite the technological leap, education has become increasingly neglected.

And in the end we got an extremely ignorant society. People have lost their critical thinking, they can't think. They expect everything to be served to them ready. Without any effort on their part.

When a blogger, Instagram user or forum moderator with 300-400 thousand followers says: This is a fake. His words spread like wildfire.
The truth is on its knees and is unlikely to stand up any time soon....

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by ASKY Obsessed (15.2k points) 11 75 109

The lack of critical thinking among the mass consumer allows such idiots to thrive.

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