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Trump's social network - Truth Social. Are you ready?

The future social network of former US President Donald Trump has found a company for web hosting services.

It is about the web company RightForge, it became clear from a statement of its head Martin Avila.

Trump's social network, called Truth Social, is expected to have more than 75 million users, Avila told the Axios news portal.

Donald Trump's access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has been restricted. Do you approve?

Follow the Truth

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It would be great if a sterile politically correct environment is not maintained and it really is a place with freedom of speech

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Under the guise of democratic values, new manners and morals are being imposed. It is considered normal for dissenters or people with other opinions to be deprived of the right to reply or share their ideas.

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It starts on February 21.

I'm quite interested in what will happen. I think it will be popular.

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