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Is it normal for people to die while filming a movie in Hollywood?


Once again, there are people killed in the shooting of a movie with gunshots included!

Who is responsible for the safety of the actors and the rest of the film crew?

Alec Balwdin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set. In my opinion, he is also a victim of this unfortunate incident!

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Terrible situation ... But we must not forget that Alec Baldwin was also a victim in this unfortunate incident


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Hypocrisy in this industry is a cult and has always amused me. As long as everything is fine and everyone collects money, everything is ok. But when a tragedy happened, the rats immediately left the ship and a series of interviews and video chats began, in which they knew everything, repeatedly gave signals, but ignored them in the name of profit.

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"There's only one question that needs to be answered, and that's where the ammunition came from," Baldwin said. For the first time, the actor spoke in detail on air about the shooting on October 21 in the photos of the western "Rust". The shot killed cinematographer Halina Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza during filming.

Baldwin also revealed that Hutchins herself wanted to point the weapon in the direction of her shoulder before it exploded.

The actor said that the most important thing for the investigation now is to find out who put the cartridge in the weapon with which he fired, and which was considered empty.


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