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Terribly, the Myrddraal looks like Lord Voldemort after a failed plastic surgery....

What other unpleasant surprises await us in the episodes?

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So sad... But we can do nothing
by ASKY Obsessed (15.4k points) 16 91 114
Have you seen the Children of Light? More and more discrepancies and only in the trailer ...
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Yep... but my be on show will be better
I can't wait. There are 12 days left. Despite the visible differences from what we have read, I think it will turn out well.

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From what has been seen so far, it is quite clear that there will be major gaps and discrepancies in the plot. But this is normal for any commercial project. We can only try to enjoy the show more or less

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Yes, that's right. But we really want to enjoy as much as we wash the show
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I don't even want to think what mine did to Ogiers :(

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