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The Cold War is back?
+2 votes
1 answer
    The head of a German regulatory agency today called on his countrymen to save energy and prepare for winter, when consumption ... skin to scrub with a towel and soap every day....
asked Jul 3 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.2k points) 11 74 109
Is there a double standard in the EU?
+3 votes
1 answer
    After all the high-sounding phrases of European politicians about how Russia blackmailed Gazprom's customers, ... political courage or rather obedience to European masters?...
asked May 25 in World by zombiefeed Category Chooser (1.3k points) 3 8
Russia's respect for the United States is over?!?
+3 votes
1 answer
    Western analysts have made a big mistake in thinking that sanctions against Russian oligarchs will lead to political ... status as a superpower that ignores international norms....
asked Feb 26 in World by Megareddit
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