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The Cold War is back?
+3 votes
1 answer
    The head of a German regulatory agency today called on his countrymen to save energy and prepare for winter, when consumption ... skin to scrub with a towel and soap every day....
asked Jul 3, 2022 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
What are the worst case scenarios according to JPMorgan Chase?
0 votes
0 answers
    Is it propaganda that Russia is only 2% of world GDP and that politicians agree to pay a little more for various goods and services to push it?...
asked Jul 2, 2022 in Economics by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
The EU is strongly against the demining of Ukrainian ports?
+2 votes
0 answers
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has made a proposal in the Black Sea to provide corridors for the export of ... trying to provoke a humanitarian and food crisis ......
asked May 31, 2022 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
Is there a double standard in the EU?
+3 votes
1 answer
    After all the high-sounding phrases of European politicians about how Russia blackmailed Gazprom's customers, ... political courage or rather obedience to European masters?...
asked May 25, 2022 in World by zombiefeed Category Chooser (1.7k points) 1 5 14
День Победы - 9 мая - what do you think?
+10 votes
0 answers
    Victory Day is a celebration of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. It was established by a ... Army puts an end to the bloodiest human conflict, too....
asked May 8, 2022 in World by TrueBlood True Commenter (3.2k points) 3 12 22
Have you already bought rubles?
+2 votes
0 answers
    Against the background of the military conflict in Ukraine and the European sanctions against Russia, something quite strange ... change from before the conflict and at the moment....
asked Apr 7, 2022 in Economics by Thomi Category Chooser (1.4k points) 8 12
Western sanctions will not affect the ISS?!?
+3 votes
0 answers
    The US space agency NASA, the European Space Agency ESA and the Canadian Space Agency have signaled that sanctions against Russia's ... (ISS). And if it is not a double standard?...
asked Apr 3, 2022 in Space by Cassad True Commenter (4.1k points) 1 12 24
Gagarin's name was removed from the Space Industry Conference?!?
+4 votes
2 answers
    US space industry conference removes name of first man in space from its documents and events because he is Russian. ... the name of Yuri Gagarin will not help any Ukrainian....
asked Mar 17, 2022 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
Why does Meta (Facebook) allow appeals for violence?
+7 votes
4 answers
    Whatever the reason, do you consider it normal for social networks to officially allow calls for violence and hatred on any basis?...
asked Mar 11, 2022 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
How will it affect the market that Russian banks are moving to payments with the Chinese "UnionPay"?
+4 votes
1 answer
    Leading Russian banks are considering using Chinese payment competitor UnionPay after Visa and Visa and Mastercard shut down operations and ... , the ********** Press reported....
asked Mar 7, 2022 in Economics by Tremor Category Chooser (1.6k points) 9 10
Elon Musk has refused to allow Starlink governments to block Russian information?!?
+5 votes
3 answers
    "We will not do that, we apologize for being absolutists of free speech," Musk wrote. The head of ... through the satellite communication service "Starlink", Reuters reported....
asked Mar 5, 2022 in IT by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
Russia's respect for the United States is over?!?
+3 votes
1 answer
    Western analysts have made a big mistake in thinking that sanctions against Russian oligarchs will lead to political ... status as a superpower that ignores international norms....
asked Feb 26, 2022 in World by Megareddit
Is the Russian army attacking civilians in Ukraine?
+9 votes
7 answers
    Videos have started appearing on social media showing soldiers shooting at civilian cars or civilians. To what extent is this ... Russian plane from the video game Arma 3 ......
asked Feb 25, 2022 in World by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
Is a new world war coming?
+5 votes
0 answers
    After the events of the last two weeks and the entire exchange of accusations between Russia, Ukraine and NATO, ... for the situation to escalate into a serious military conflict?...
asked Feb 22, 2022 in World by Remind Cool Person (575 points) 2 5
Will Russia invade neighboring Ukraine?
+5 votes
0 answers
    What will happen after all the fake news in recent weeks and against the background of yesterday's provocative actions of Ukrainian forces in Donbass?...
asked Feb 20, 2022 in World by Lan True Commenter (5.6k points) 6 25 30
Rising tensions raise "safe haven" currencies ?!?
+4 votes
0 answers
    "We are seeing a flight to the quality of world markets, as investors were surprised by reports that Washington expects a ... a war or with a possible probability of such ......
asked Feb 14, 2022 in Economics by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
Why the media is increasingly speculating about an armed conflict between the United States and Russia?
+3 votes
0 answers
    Around the unrest around Ukraine, more and more local media there are accusing Russia of trying to provoke an armed conflict ... in fueling the tension or is it just a media bomb?...
asked Dec 8, 2021 in World by Duke
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