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    Does anyone do or have been engaged in dropshipping in the UK? How profitable is it and is it worth the time and nerves?...
asked Feb 8, 2022 in Economics by Tom
Will we have to be vaccinated every 6 months against coronavirus?
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    Booster immunizations are needed because the number of antibodies in the blood decreases over time. In mRNA vaccines, ... new infections, could something similar happen in Europe?...
asked Nov 20, 2021 in Health by Tremor Category Chooser (1.6k points) 9 10
Musk invests £12 mil. in a new platform for digital ******?
–2 votes
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    Elon Musk will invest in a new automated trading platform. After a deposit from the user only £250 or more ... for manipulating the price of bitcoin and other digital currencies?...
asked Oct 18, 2021 in Economics by BiTBiTC
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