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Why did Disney change direction - 301 milions for Johnny?
+3 votes
0 answers
    Depp was "excluded" from the Pirates in 2018 after starring in five films, which launched the work at the box ... forgive them and return to the role of his iconic character....
asked Jun 28 in Movies by Thomi Category Chooser (1.4k points) 6 12
Have you already bought rubles?
+2 votes
0 answers
    Against the background of the military conflict in Ukraine and the European sanctions against Russia, something quite strange ... change from before the conflict and at the moment....
asked Apr 7 in Economics by Thomi Category Chooser (1.4k points) 6 12
How will it affect the market that Russian banks are moving to payments with the Chinese "UnionPay"?
+4 votes
1 answer
    Leading Russian banks are considering using Chinese payment competitor UnionPay after Visa and Visa and Mastercard shut down operations and ... , the ********** Press reported....
asked Mar 7 in Economics by Tremor Category Chooser (1.6k points) 8 10
Elon Musk: Tesla will accept dodgecoin payments?
+1 vote
0 answers
    "Tesla will sell some merchandise products against Dodgecoin and we will see how things go," Musk wrote on Twitter. ... lead to big price fluctuations and big losses for investors?...
asked Dec 15, 2021 in IT by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.2k points) 11 74 109
Will we have to be vaccinated every 6 months against coronavirus?
0 votes
0 answers
    Booster immunizations are needed because the number of antibodies in the blood decreases over time. In mRNA vaccines, ... new infections, could something similar happen in Europe?...
asked Nov 20, 2021 in Health by Tremor Category Chooser (1.6k points) 8 10
Where to invest in 2021-2022?
+1 vote
2 answers
    Hello. I'm looking for ways to invest small amounts of money. I have experience only in sales. But the current situation ... which is better to invest in: gold, crypto or stocks?...
asked Nov 7, 2021 in Economics by Sam
+3 votes
2 answers
    Is there a legal way to make real money in the Roblox universe?...
asked Oct 16, 2021 in Creative by bravebroom True Commenter (4.5k points) 18 24
+4 votes
2 answers
    Virtual currency in recent years has seen serious ups and downs. Interestingly, even the opinion of one person, even if ... future or at some point everything will end in a bang?...
asked Oct 14, 2021 in Economics by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.2k points) 11 74 109
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