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Why did Disney change direction - 301 milions for Johnny?
+3 votes
0 answers
    Depp was "excluded" from the Pirates in 2018 after starring in five films, which launched the work at the box ... forgive them and return to the role of his iconic character....
asked Jun 28 in Movies by Thomi Category Chooser (1.4k points) 6 12
Are you ready for Predator 5: PREY?
+5 votes
4 answers
    The space hunter against the Native Americans ... Undoubtedly, the film will be full of effects, battle scenes and ... alien hunter by primitive means? https://youtu.be/hOWUxl6swO4...
asked Jun 24 in Movies by Thomi Category Chooser (1.4k points) 6 12
Prey - the new Predator movie comming in summer 2022?
+3 votes
1 answer
    A photo from the new movie Pray by the famous Predator franchise has appeared.We will see the struggle for survival of a young ... not stabbed by a girl with a bow and arrow ......
asked Nov 13, 2021 in Movies by Duch
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