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What do you think about the new mods in Heartstone?
+4 votes
1 answer
    Are you still playing Heartstone and what do you think about the new singles mods?...
asked Feb 10, 2022 in RPG by nevincho ASKY Obsessed (15.9k points) 17 99 118
Fable IV is it coming for Xbox Series X and PC in 2023?
+2 votes
1 answer
    The first trailer for Fable IV appeared two years ago. Unfortunately, there is too much speculation on the Internet about ... to be Playground Games. Here you can see the Trailer...
asked Jan 17, 2022 in RPG by Cassad True Commenter (4.1k points) 1 12 24
Do you remember the game Dark Stone?
+3 votes
1 answer
    In the distant 1999, one of the best RPG games appeared - Dark Stone. Although not as commercially popular as ... impressions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ445dYNmi4&t=30s...
asked Jan 12, 2022 in RPG by zombiefeed Category Chooser (1.7k points) 1 5 14
+1 vote
1 answer
    does anyone know of any new and interesting rpg games?? i can't find a good one for the life of me!...
asked Sep 24, 2021 in RPG by fireboy2009 Cool Person (710 points) 3 4
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