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Season 2 of The Wheel of Time from the Judkins/Bezos world...is here.

Warning: Spoilers

Unfortunately, things are not going well. We finally got to see seanchan in their full "glory"

Grotesquely oversized soldier helmets, damane metal nipples, all wielding the One Power

like  a Tai-chi ...


And I'm pretty sure they can barely keep from shouting Avada Kedavra and Expecto Patronum…

At the same time, despite all oaths to Light or Darkness, I see the main religion in the universe of

Judkins/Bezos is Rastafarianism even among aiel.

Removing main character Uno, replacing Gaul with Avienda in the cage, da'kovale ogier,

Min - darkfriend, emo Lan...I almost cried here...Perrin continues to be childish, Moiraine is like being hit with a rag

Almost all the actors, despite their talents, clearly do not know what is being asked of them and at certain moments they seem literally lost.

Exceptions are Donal Finn (Matt) and Ceara Coveney (Elaine) from the first moment they fit their roles. Josha Stradowski (Rand) slowly walks into class.

The overall rating of what has been seen so far is 3 and very tortured. With a huge budget, ready-made plot with the need to simply adapt the important moments yes

to receive this strange thing can in all good conscience be called a premonition.

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Lady Suroth could have been a hardcore and beautiful idea.

The sitters still somehow don't get into their characters, the guards and they even look lame. So far, only Thomas and Verin are somehow well embodied in their characters.

Finally overflowing the unified power without imitating tai chi and it turned out great. Separately, I didn't understand why Loyal was treated as an enemy....given that the Ogiers are well known in Saenchan and deeply respected.

Avienda...I haven't seen the actress till now but she is far from the image. And I wonder why they replaced Gaul with her in this scene... Her appearance in the books is also based on a plot line connecting her with Nyneeve, Egwene and Elaine...


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