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An unsuspected connection between Northern and Southern Bulgaria exists deep underground. The claim is made by the dowser, A s s oc. Angel Kalinov. According to him, an underground and secret to the masses magnificent tunnel crosses almost the entire territory of our country.

Angel Kalinov entered the tunnel and gave details about the unknown underground road. Its width is 7 meters, it has been dug since the Thracians. It can be entered from the Saint Dimitar chapel, which is located next to the Asen fortress. The beginning of the tunnel itself is in the foothills of the Rhodopes, it passes under Stara Planina and the ancient Archar fortress, under the bottom of the Danube River and exits in Romania.

According to A s s ociate Professor Kalinov, the entire territory of the majestic Rhodopes is cut by similar underground roads, in which horses can also pass. There is also a series of tunnels near Belintash. Next to the rock phenomenon are the great Thracian treasures, hidden in caves near Momin kamak and Raven kamak. There is a legend according to which the ruler Alexander the Great personally donated a golden chariot to the sanctuary.


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