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The adaptation of the play of the same name, starring Pedro Pascal and Bela Ramsay, became a hit, although only two episodes have been released so far.

An example of how things turn out when screenwriters understand their work.

The series scored a 97% positive rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and the premiere episode earlier this month was the second most-watched HBO debut in a decade and has already surpassed 22 million views across all platforms.

For its part, Monday's second episode is already up more than 20% in the overnight ratings compared to the premiere.

With such statistics and interest from the viewers, it would be a pure sin not to see a continuation of the intriguing post-apocalyptic story.

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HBO has long known how to make movies and series. Even things made 15 years ago are much better quality than the productions of some other streaming platforms.
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There is a very good behind-the-scenes team and it is full of impressive sets, costumes and in general they have recreated the world of the game down to the smallest detail. The effort to make everything feel believable and heavy shows for miles.


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I haven't played the game, I've only watched, but as far as I understand there are different stages of the infection, in the first one they become fast biting zombies that don't need a gas mask, but in places where the infection has grown and there are closed rooms, the air changes there argue, there are level 2 and 3 monsters and gas masks are worn. There are no spores in the open, only indoors, where they already turn into a more advanced nasty version of the mutation, those that are infected.
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Troy Baker, the actor who voices Joel in the game, said in a podcast (Play, Watch, Listen) that they decided to remove spores as a method of infection in the series. The main reason - it is difficult to distinguish the actors from each other. The podcast in question even joked that Pedro Pascal got tired of playing with his face covered after The Mandalorian:D:D:D

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Yep :D it is hard work


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