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34-year-old investor Liron Shapira does not suffer from a lack of money. He managed to turn a key investment in the fledgling company Coinbase into $6 million.

In an interview with Insider, however, Shapira spoke out quite strongly against cryptocurrencies - the reason for his wealth.

According to Shapira, cryptocurrencies are worthless and should be shut down.

Liron Shapira invested in Coinbase in 2012, but later sold his stake in 2021, just before the stock market crashed this year. He has since become an outspoken critic of crypto.

In his words, it is pure and simple a "Ponzi scheme".

"I've never been a crypto 'hater' because it's not emotional for me," Shapira said. "All I'm doing is predicting which technology looks promising. If I still thought it was crypto, I'd still bet on it."


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