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Today, having already watched the first two episodes in full, I wonder if our office jokes that Jeff Bezos, the chairman of the board of Amazon and perhaps the main culprit behind The Rings of Power, paid off colleagues in the US will turn out to be true. Britain to put in a good word for the half-billion-dollar mockery of Tolkien.

Because The Rings of Power is just that - not an adaptation of Tolkien's work, but a mockery of it.

The most unpleasant thing is the wasted potential that a budget of 465 million dollars cannot help but give. Do you realize what amazing television production we could see if so much money was handed to proven storytellers?

The Rings of Power demonstrates what so much money does when it gets into the hands of the right production designers, costume designers, composers, visual effects specialists. In these respects, the series has a quality and scale worthy not only of a Tolkien adaptation, but of any other good story.

And that is precisely the sad thing: the good story is gone. The Rings of Power is beautiful, but what about when it's a boring, scripted failure of adaptation?


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