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The head of a German regulatory agency today called on his countrymen to save energy and prepare for winter, when consumption will increase, the ********** Press reported.

He thinks people should use the 12 weeks they have before the cold weather arrives to prepare. It is necessary for families to discuss from now on whether to maintain the usual winter temperatures in all rooms or whether some rooms may be a little colder.

Jens Kerstan of the provincial government of Hamburg expressed to the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" concern about the situation and did not rule out the possibility that, if there is a shortage of gas, it will be necessary to limit the supply of hot water to the population. "In emergency situations with an acute shortage of gas, hot water will only be available at certain times of the day," Kerstan said.

In the month of April тo make Germans more independent of Russian oil and gas supplies, German Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck suggests that people heat their homes less, use less saunas and shower less often. According to Bild, many may think that refusing a bath or shower, as well as reducing the frequency of visits to the bathroom, is a violation of hygiene, but this is not true, the publication writes. It turns out that it's basically bad for the skin to scrub with a towel and soap every day.

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Yep after october will be :)

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