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After the Kalush Orchestra wins Eurovision, next year the competition will be hosted, as Oleg Psyuk says, by "a new, integrated, developed and prosperous Ukraine". However, the fact is that many are still wondering if the band is the fully worthy and absolutely deserved winner of this year's "Eurovision". Not that the boys from it did not have the necessary qualities to reach the final, but the question that continues to haunt the audience for the second day in a row is whether they were really enough to ensure their triumph.

Opinions on the subject are as different as all the participants who performed on the stage in Turin, if not more. Of course, it is no secret that for years the most important thing in this festival is neither the selection of songs, nor the vocal abilities of the contenders for the first place, representing their homeland, and they were unheard of. For a long time, what has been most important in it is geopolitics, and if it accidentally decides to recede into the background, it will be replaced by current events taking place in the Old Continent, which ultimately have the power to tip the scales. in a certain direction, or to a specific competitor.

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Who wants to be next Eurovision winer? laughlaughlaugh

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This is not political correctness, but political oligophrenia. And if there is political sympathy for the innocent victims in Ukraine (I would not divide them by ethnicity, as the Ukrainian fascists do in Ukraine), then transferring it to an art competition makes the work of all other participants meaningless. In general, the last 2-3 years (I mean Kovid-19), things in the world are modeled on a certain pattern, which is not only stupid, but to the great detriment of normal humanity.
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If the war drags on, Ukraine has a chance to win the European Football Championship!

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