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Whatever the reason, do you consider it normal for social networks to officially allow calls for violence and hatred on any basis?

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Great. The Russians do not deserve anything good.
Are you stupid or what?

....Meta has also provisionally authorized publications calling for the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin or Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko......

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Money, money, money. Russia is currently the convenient enemy. It has resources and the "democratic" world does not like that. Despite their apparent empathy, Europe and the United States cannot afford to be richer than anyone and in control beyond their comprehension and convenience.

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Is there anyone left who still doesn't believe that they are doing what they want?
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Society has been prepared for easy manipulation for years. Now it is enough to emphasize a thesis in 2-3 social networks and people call for war or empathy. No matter the reasons and whether they are true or false ...
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Look that video.
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What surprises you? The double standard is their religion ...
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It's always been that way on Facebook. Block for shared video or joke. But at the same time, they provide a platform for everything modern for the day, whether it makes sense or affects someone.
That's right. The media and social networks have never been independent. Only fools can believe that.
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Yep. But we can't do nothing
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Meta has changed the conditions again: Calls for violence against Russians will be allowed only in Ukraine....

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