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Western analysts have made a big mistake in thinking that sanctions against Russian oligarchs will lead to political change in the country. Russia has been under sanctions for 10 years, but there is no change in policy. This thinking was true at the time when Boris Yeltsin was President of Russia. However, with the rise of Vladimir Putin, things have changed and now the oligarchs are serving politics, not oligarchs. They exist and manage billions with the Kremlin's favor.

In recent years, Western European elites have been represented by a generation that does not remember war. As a result, they have a more infantile understanding of the issue of deprivation they may be subjected to in order to protect values ​​such as freedom and independence.

Therefore, it can hardly be expected that Brussels will decide on sanctions to stop Europe from supplying cheap Russian gas.

Russia today clearly states its status as a superpower that ignores international norms.

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The truth is somewhere in the middle. What we see as news is a big theater. what arrangements there are between them is very difficult to say. And they are unlikely to be revealed to the public.

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