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Loial death

Killing characters from the main storyline liked by the viewer and emphasizing sexual scenes and relationships between the characters is one of the trademarks of Game of Thrones.

Someone may have attacked me, but apparently Judkins draws a handful of inspirations from the HBO hit. The unexpected death of a character or the reversal of the main plot 180 degrees apparently did not work here. I don't care when there are spoilers somewhere, but since there are a lot of "sensitive" ones, there will be some in the following lines:

- Loial can't survive a Shadar Logoth dagger wound, Padan Fain does not use any other weapons...

- it is not possible to raise the dead with the only power, moreover Egwene is not a good healer...

- the meaningless scenes with the deaths of Lord Agelmar and his sister...

If you can think of more such nonsense, please comment.

Rand and Moiraine's walk in the Wasteland is a replica of Bran's drag beyond the Wall
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Yes,yes,yes and season 2 will be copied from The Wallking Dead

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You can't expect something different from a reality star ...

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Season 2 will be copied from Star Trek.
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Oh, yes with full hands.

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