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As I watched The Eye of the World, I realized that I didn't care about any of these characters. I have read the books and I have memories of strong feelings for some of the images… none of these feelings were transferred to their versions in the show.

They make no effort at all to develop the characters. None of them looks like a real person, none of them is full-blooded, none of them is natural. This is due to both the weak script and the acting helplessness of the main characters.

Even Moiraine, who until now seemed to be the most complete character in the series, was hollow here and looked more like a parody interpretation with her eternal silence and her animated stoicism.

Rand was tempted by his adversary to live in a fictional world with a fictional Egwene, who bore him a child and had a picnic in the yard in front of their house. After considerable hesitation, Rand rejects this reality, saying, "As much as I want this, I know she doesn't want it." This woman, who doesn't care if she's Wise or Aes Sedai, isn't the woman I love, and so she defeats the villain and gets out of the trap.

The line is beautiful, there is poetry in it, I appreciate it. But is this thought really a worthy culmination of the whole season? Is this a problem that has been debated for eight episodes?

In the end, the episode ends with Rand wandering alone in the wilderness. Then some freaks, that is, the Seanchans, come on ships, make a big tsunami and a child dies on the beach. There is hardly a spectator who at this stage has said to himself: "Yeah, how intriguing, I want to see more, soon !!!

An unfortunate end to a mediocre season...

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The main problem is bad scripts and ambiguity in directing. It never became clear why the main thing the heroes do is to move around without a clear goal and direction

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