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Gal Gadot has revealed details about the film "Cleopatra" - in addition to starring, she is also involved in writing the screenplay and is a producer.

After it was announced that Gadot was getting the role, critics and haters on social media reacted violently because they claimed that an Arab or African actress should play Cleopatra.

Some argue that Kenyan-Mexican actress Lupita Nyongo would be better suited for the role, and writer and TV cameraman James Hall wrote on Twitter that: "Hollywood has always chosen white actresses for the Queen of the Nile. Can't they find an African actress?" ? "

NO!!! Becose Cleopatra is WHITE.

In fact, it is of Macedonian and Greek origin. Journalist Ian Miles Cheong wrote ironically: "People are upset because Gal Gadot, who is not black, plays Cleopatra, who is also not black."

Cleopatra is a descendant of Ptolemy I Soter, a Macedonian-born general in the army of Alexander the Great. She ascends the throne of battles to power between brothers and sisters, which she wins with the help of Julius Caesar, who becomes her lover. Later, however, she has a relationship with Mark Anthony, which is devastating for both.

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The new normal ... Unfortunately, this awaits us in the future. And it's even more unpleasant that no one really sleeps and it's all because it's selling at the moment. When it ceases to be a topical issue, making money will simply disappear from the news.
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Money, money, money is all to satisfy the low passions and limited minds of the mass consumer. The various non-governmental organizations there are fighting for the rights of all kinds, and none of them are just money launderers. And only through scandal can they provoke any interest in the topic.

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