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The Wheel of Time

 Two Rivers is a small village glorified by the world, but full of multiculturalism, alcoholics and adulterers.

 The Women's Circle is a secret society with ancient rituals.

 Myrddraal`s turned out to be Lord Voldemort's distant cousins.

 The Dragon Reborn might possibly be a girl or his soul is divided into 5 bodies.

 Aes Sedai are a gang of women walking around to hunt channeling men or looking for Dragons Reborn.

 Aes Sedai Warders are sexy guys crying and complaining for almost everything.

 In each episode, the emphasis is literally on sexual gay jokes and scenes. (There's nothing wrong with that, but it's still an epic fantasy saga, not a hot Penthouse comedy).

 Whitecloaks are mustachioed types dressed in robes advising the wounded in a gentle voice to seek Aes Sedai healers.

 Eamon Valda is addicted to food and has a fetish for Aes Sedai rings.

 It turns out that the most popular hairstyle in the world of the Wheel of Time is the growth. Every second character has one.

 Of course I'm whispering some things, but these are horrible enough. The screenwriters seem to have used more of Wikipedia as a source than Jordan's books.

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Only the cast and directors save the situation. And they definitely have a serious problem with the editing of the scenes, at times there is no sequence.

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The series continues to suffer from the desire of the screenwriters to prolong the life of the key question - who is the  Dragon Reborn. But this is not the Usual Suspects or the Poirot Cases - the mystery can not be at the center of things without leading to a bunch of negative consequences for the plot and character development. And that's exactly what's happening so far.
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The Circus of Time has so far shown us so much melodrama that it can easily participate in the annual Latin American awards for TV novels.

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I also learn that even with a budget of 80 million, when you have a complete idiot for a project manager, you can f u c k everything up and get away with it.
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Lews Therin Telamon - Dragon Rebon laughlaughlaughlaughlaugh

The one who wrote this is abnormal, also the one who approved it to enter the script ...


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...Originally, Egwene was going to resuscitate Nynaeve using abilities she’d learned as a village Wisdom in Episode 1, but COVID rules meant that the actors had to stay a little more distant...

''Showrunner'' Rafe Judkins....


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