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Eamon Valda

In the last episode, it turned out that the questionnaire was invulnerable to saidar. This is probably a slight turn to a new plot line in order to avoid staying in Rhuidean... from where Matt obtains the medallion and ashandarei.
Maybe he is a s signed a completely different role?!? Who will it be then Prince of the Ravens???
Obviously, the unpleasant surprises will not end.

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Yes, baby. If Valda uses an object made with the One Power .... Rafe is completely ******* with books laughdevil

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Apparently the screenwriters have conceived some other connection of the mustachioed clowns with Tar Valon...
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 Clidren of The Light - clowns with mustaches

Why not? Valda has already shown serious jokes with Aes Sedai after he personally advised Moiraine to look for a healer :)


That was Bornhold, not Valda.
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Finally, I watched the season. And about this medallion based on what I've seen so far, it's almost certain that the story of how Matt got it will either be 100% changed or not included in the episodes at all.

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