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is there anyone here who is familiar with VPN / Virtual private network / for smartphone and computer? How is it activated and used?

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There are 3 main applications of virtual private networks - work outsourcing (outsourcing) by remote access, extended intranet networks and extended extranet networks. The savings that are achieved by replacing several hundred leased lines with VPN networks reach 75-80%. Virtual private networks usually encrypt traffic between individual hosts on the Internet and thus contribute to the information security of the organizations that use them.
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What is the purpose of the exercise? It seems to me that this is not what you are looking for. If you want to have a secure connection between the two devices, run your vpn server on your computer and connect to your phone. It has a built-in vpn client.
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How do I activate it on a smartphone and computer?
I want to activate it but I don't know how. I download applications from app / store
however, I don't know what's next? How to connect the two devices.
asked Sep 23, 2021 in Mobile phones by Hvader The New Galaxy Z Flip3
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Well I need it to protect the connection.

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