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Doesn't the use of imperial and metric measures lead to confusion?
Cars cost in miles per gallon, but the price of fuel is calculated in liters ...
If you are 6'+ tall, you don't know if you can stand in a 2 meter pool...
In gyms, warehouses and shops, everything is in kilograms, but personal weight is measured in pounds?!?
1000 ml per liter and 1000 g per kilogram look more comfortable and easy to understand than 16oz in lb.
And no less crazy is why the pound is shortened as lb?!?

The British government is repealing more European regulations

Apart from the emotional debate on units of measure, other changes could have far more serious consequences for EU-UK relations. EU rules on financial services, data protection and genetically modified organisms, among others, must also be removed.

We intend to eventually change, replace or repeal all EU laws that are not appropriate for the United Kingdom - said David Frost, the Brexit minister. Observers warn that this could further exacerbate the confrontation with Brussels.

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According to Brexit supporters, the metric system is something imposed on London by Brussels. Moreover, they even speak of "metric martyrdom." European rules required traders on the island, even when writing prices in ounces and pounds, to add the value in kilograms.

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