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How do you feel about life on the red planet? If you go it will be literally forever. Mars is so far away that a two-way journey is meaningless within a human life. However, such an opportunity is becoming more and more widespread. The probability of a manned flight to Mars and the creation of a permanent human base in the next 10-15 years is very high.

Over the past two decades, NASA has sent four rovers to the nearest planet, one of which continues to operate and sends new data every day. More than ten satellites orbit Mars, five of which are fully operational and provide us with information about this world.

Mars can be understood much more thanks to human qualities and perception - many times more than the sensors of modern rovers can show. What does this other world look like? What does the Sun look like from there? What happens in a sandstorm? Is the soil soft? Robots provide only a partial answer to some of these questions. Only people can describe the full picture.

And would you go to Mars forever if you were given such an opportunity?


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