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Is the Wheel of Time ep. 6 prepares us for the Pride with the Dragon Reborn?

After watching the next episode of the show, some things start to stand out crystal clear. There is no episode without bi or gay sex jokes. Apparently the LGBT community has a strong lobby among the screenwriters or producers of the series.

That's why Loyal looks like an elderly Drag Queen.... I expect the Dragon to host a Pride in City of Tear next season.

No, I don't hate gay people. I have friends among them and they are great. But unfortunately what is happening is a big mockery of the books.

The flag of the Dragon Reborn

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Band of the Red Hand according to Amazon ...

Band of The Red Hand

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They try not to disappoint us. Each episode becomes more and more attractive. I think they should invite Pedro Almadovar to direct season 2.

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Aiel Hordes according to R. Jordan:

and according to Rafe Judkins:

Aiel Horde

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