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The Wheel of Time TV Show episode 6 questions, possible spoilers?

Tam`s Sword
Episode 6 comes out in just over 24 hours.And there are a few questions that bother me:

1. Do Moiraine and Siuan Sanche have a conspiracy aimed at uncovering the Dragon Reborn or in the adaptation will be opposed?

2. Is it possible to remove the character of Elaida to support the development of such a story line?

3. Why hasn't the subject of Rand's sword been touched on in any of the episodes so far? The sword, his father, his relationship with Lan and training are key in building the image of the Dragon and his character ...

P.S. However, we must ignore that with an 80 million budget, the engraved heron looks more like a goose

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I haven't read the books yet and so far only one character is my favorite, Matrim's.

From various forums he learned that he is the main character in the story line and it would be interesting to know what the character's development will be.


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Unfortunately, the changes are getting more brutal with each episode. That's why I can't even guess what Reif's brain will give birth to ... But you're absolutely right about the goose. They can engrave something beautiful on the sword.

Heron marked sword

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