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Rafe Judkins' The Wheel of Time is the new Divine Comedy?

After 30 years, someone finally mustered up the courage to film Jordan's saga. Fans all over the world waiting for the great day of 19.11.2021

And only after 5 episodes of the magnificent history there is only Blood and bloody ashes...
But from the ashes and ruins of the phoenix rises the new Divine Comedy by R. Judkins. Understandably, with every TV adaptation there are changes and they are necessary. With a budget of $ 80 million, the show is one of the most expensive productions.

Despite this, from the  beginning we are faced with cheap decors, costumes and strange visual effects.

A kind old man and a long young man deliver homemade alcohol to a nearby village Two rivers. One inn and three houses....
In the village isolated for hundreds of years from the outside world we face a multicultural community...But it can be swallowed.

Let's see the titanic clash of the characters with the writers and Judkins. We can disregard the inappropriate choice of actors. Their ******** roles and the way they present the characters completely destroy the idea of ​​the saga.

Mixed timelines of the scenes, the inappropriate behavior of the characters are confronted with strange visual effects and panoramic views in no order. The missing location, characters and whole scenes did not help the viewer to get an idea of ​​the Dragon's world.

Let's compare some of the characters in the book and in the series:

Book Tam al`Thor - Hard and unshakable as a rock man from Two Rivers. Master of the sword and the longbow.
TV Tam al`Thor  - Spreading wisdom and mantras kind old man. Flattened by a trolloc in 30 seconds.

Book Nynaeve al'Meara - Wisdom of Emond's Field, confident and strong.
TV Nynaeve al'Meara - a small and insecure little ninja kills a trolloc with a knife.

Book Matt Cauthon - lazy, roguish, immature, tactless, and brazen but man of honor and most powerful ta`varen after Rand al`Thor.
TV Matt Cauthon - a thief, a drunkard from a broken family.

Finally, although these are not all the characters I will focus on one more.

Book Lan - Lan Mandragoran
TV Lan - some guy with a sword..

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It would be good to change some screenwriters and producers for season 2

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Everything is very simple. Judkins, screenwriters and directors aim to make content easily digestible for the mass consumer. And judging by the reactions of the people, who have no idea what they are talking about, they have definitely achieved their goal.

It would be interesting to make a statistic of how many of the viewers are ladies who have not read the books. If you do a little research on social networks, you can see that the ardent defenders of the series are just such ladies.

We can only hope that there is nowhere worse to go and of course there is a small spark to make things better in the next episodes.

Wheel of Time books VS TV Show

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 Rand Al`Thor_Calandor

There is a tendency among people to accept film adaptation as the Bible.

 Anyone of the opposite opinion is immediately spit on. Yesterday they even had a serious fight on a Facebook page. And the topic was whether Rand was bisexual or not....WTF

He even hinted at how important it was to know about the LGBT community?!?




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