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The Wheel of Time - a series that is not for fans of "Wheel of Time"?

If you are a total novice and have only heard of "The Wheel", the show may seem interesting to you - there is mystery in it, there is magic, there are various characters, drama, pain ...In general, the series has the potential to be something interesting to watch. If you are a complete novice in the subject ...

However, if you have read the books, from the first minute of this series you will find a total mess in which too, very few of the things shown correspond to what you know about this great story.

And that, someone has to say to those smart heads in Hollywood, repulses the fans - the same people who are the ones who approach film and television adaptations of works in the first place.
The idea of ​​such an adaptation, in which bags and sacks of money have been poured, is to step on the existing fan base, which has been waiting for the filming of this favorite book of theirs for years; who at the news that there will be a series on "The Wheel of Time" jumped for joy and rubbed her hands contentedly.

Here we are talking about fans who have read 14 novels, most of which (if not all) are over 1000 pages. Yes, these readers are really committed to this story, and it's not a very good idea for them to decide to delve into the story arbitrarily, turning things into it that they fell in love with years ago.

The problem is when it starts to overdo it - when the creators of the series or movie start making changes that are not required by the screen adaptation itself. So at one point the viewer gets a total mess, in which you have a not very strong backbone of the main preserved events and moments, as well as a solid filling of changes that in the eyes of fans there is a great danger of looking like complete nonsense.

What's more, some of these changes are clear from miles away that they are just the germ of additional storylines, which means only one thing - more unnecessary changes and deviations from the basic material.

In the first few episodes of The Wheel of Time, we see very little of that and much more change. And it seems that this will continue. Maybe these new things aren't so bad in themselves - we'll see.



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HBO's adaptation of George Martin's novels became such a hit because it followed the story in the books quite closely and did not make arbitrary, ridiculous changes. On the contrary - when the books ran out and everything remained in the hands of the producers, then this series began to turn into illogical slop.

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Exceptionally countries have changed too much. But for better or worse, we will have to come to terms with the finished producer

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An adulterous father and an alcoholic mother as described by Matt's parents is an ugly insult to the book's author and fans of the series.


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